Profiles & Recommandation

Profiles & Recommandation

We’re excited to announce you that you now have a profile on Hypershoot. What’s new for you ?

Your profile displays :

  • Your informations : You can fill in your profile in one click, using the Twitter Sign In in your Account settings
  • Your public boards
  • People you follow
  • People following you

How do I find my profile ?
You will find a « My profile » link in your account menu, on the top-right corner of Hypershoot.

How do I find people to follow ?
For now there is only 2 ways. You can click on the name at the bottom of a single page or you can access directly to the profile if someone send you the link.

You can start by following our own profiles : Bertrand & Karl !

That’s all ?

Not really, now that you follow some people, you can have a custom Discover feed based on who you’re following. Simply change the list on the right from Recent to Following.


We hope you like it, let us know if you have any suggestions or bug issue.