Launching Hypershoot v2

Launching Hypershoot v2

Long time no see. We’ve been busy working on the new version of Hypershoot. Since the launch of the first version in 2013, more than 10 000 pages have been saved and captured.

Here are some of the new features of this version : 

Chrome extension

Our brand new Chrome extension allows to capture and organize your favorite websites easier than ever. With one click in the browser button, the website is save into your Hypershoot library. You can then add it to a board and add tags directly from the extension.

You can download the Chrome extension here
If you don’t use Google Chrome, it’s fine. You can add websites from the web app with the button in the bottom-right corner.


New single pages


Single pages were totally redesigned. They now open above your navigation to let you alternate between browsing and viewing a single content without reloading.


Fullscreen view


There are now two types of thumbnails on Hypershoot. One cropped and one showing the full page. It allows viewing full pages when searching or browsing through your boards.


Board following


As soon as you make one of your board public (click on the « edit » button in one of your board), you get a sharable url. When viewing a public board, just click on the « Follow » button and it will appear in your sidebar under your own boards. For now, the only way to follow a board is by having someone sharing you a public Url.

Here’s a little bonus, follow your first board here.


For any suggestions/ideas/questions, you can get in touch with us by mail or on Twitter @hypershootapp