Hypershoot summer update

Hypershoot summer update

We’ve been quiet but it has been a busy summer for us.

We’re back with a major update, we’re proud to introduce to you the first pro features.

First of all, you can now collaborate in a board. Invite anyone from your team to collaborate with you in a board.
To do so we reworked the item page. Now you can find 3 tabs.

Details, where you can rate or tag it.hypershoot-collaborate-details

Comments, where you can comment on each item from a collaborative board with your team.hypershoot-collaborate-comment

And the last one called Browse, lets you navigate depending where you are. If you’re in a board it’ll show you other items from the board, if you’re in the popular section it’ll show you the other items from popular section etc …

We also reworked our browser extension. One click is now enough to capture any website. On top of that, our browser extension works now on Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Install the one for your browser here.

Last but not least, we improved the sidebar.
You can now reorganize the list of the boards

and you can fold the main navigation to have bigger thumbnails.


That’s for the big news, there are also a lot of small improvements, like icons redesign, new design for the board listing, new design for the tumbnails and other that you may find by using hypershoot :)

→ Discover the update here

We’re working on new features for the pro version, If you want to decide what next for Hypershoot, send us a mail with your suggestion contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp