Hypershoot boards just got more powerful

Today, in addition to the pro features we launched a few months ago, we’re excited to announce two new premium features that have often been requested: Nested boards and Slack integration.

Nested boards

Sometimes, for some big projects a single level of organization is not enough and you would like to organize your bookmarks more precisely. Imagine you’re working on the design of an e-shop with your team. Not all you are storing on a board would fit on the same level.

With the nested boards, you can now create sub-boards inside a board:

  • a nested board the designer will fill with UX and UI inspiration
  • another in which the copywriter identifies good copy on pages
  • and one used by the developer and designer to share animations examples and tech articles related to the project.


To create a nested board, you just select the parent board when creating a new board and that’s it. You will then have access to your nested boards in the app and the extension.

Slack integration

If you’re using Slack with your team at work, good news! You can now connect your Hypershoot boards to one of your Slack channel. It will then post a message on Slack when something new is added, when someone leaves a comment or when a new collaborator is invited.

Previews are included so you won’t have to interrupt your workflow to check what is being added.


To start receiving notifications, go to one of your boards on Hypershoot, click on the gear icon to edit the board and click on the « Add to Slack » button to connect your Slack account to Hypershoot and choose a channel to receive notifications.

Interested in those features? Upgrade your account here!

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Hypershoot summer update

Hypershoot summer update

We’ve been quiet but it has been a busy summer for us.

We’re back with a major update, we’re proud to introduce to you the first pro features.

First of all, you can now collaborate in a board. Invite anyone from your team to collaborate with you in a board.
To do so we reworked the item page. Now you can find 3 tabs.

Details, where you can rate or tag it.hypershoot-collaborate-details

Comments, where you can comment on each item from a collaborative board with your team.hypershoot-collaborate-comment

And the last one called Browse, lets you navigate depending where you are. If you’re in a board it’ll show you other items from the board, if you’re in the popular section it’ll show you the other items from popular section etc …

We also reworked our browser extension. One click is now enough to capture any website. On top of that, our browser extension works now on Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Install the one for your browser here.

Last but not least, we improved the sidebar.
You can now reorganize the list of the boards

and you can fold the main navigation to have bigger thumbnails.


That’s for the big news, there are also a lot of small improvements, like icons redesign, new design for the board listing, new design for the tumbnails and other that you may find by using hypershoot :)

→ Discover the update here

We’re working on new features for the pro version, If you want to decide what next for Hypershoot, send us a mail with your suggestion contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp

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Brand new search, related pages and emoji support

Brand new search, related pages and emoji support

We launched a few new features on Hypershoot this week. Let’s see what’s new :

New search

With the new search bar, you can now search for public boards and users.

We also added a filter to search in your collection instead of all the shoots. Go ahead and try it right now on the app. Don’t know where to start? You can always try some of the community favorites themes for boards : Portfolio, e-commerce, Magazine

Related pages

When viewing a shoot, there is a new section at the bottom where you can find all there other pages from the same websites on Hypershoot (if available). i.e. https://hypershoot.com/en/app#/view/stripe

Auto-sorting when adding to a board

Now when you add a shoot to a board (using the app or the extension), your board list is automatically sorted with the boards you use the most at the top.

Emoji Support

And last but not least, you can now go crazy with your board names with emoji support ?

For any suggestions/ideas/questions, you can get in touch with us by mail contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp

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Profiles & Recommandation

Profiles & Recommandation

We’re excited to announce you that you now have a profile on Hypershoot. What’s new for you ?

Your profile displays :

  • Your informations : You can fill in your profile in one click, using the Twitter Sign In in your Account settings
  • Your public boards
  • People you follow
  • People following you

How do I find my profile ?
You will find a « My profile » link in your account menu, on the top-right corner of Hypershoot.

How do I find people to follow ?
For now there is only 2 ways. You can click on the name at the bottom of a single page or you can access directly to the profile if someone send you the link.

You can start by following our own profiles : Bertrand & Karl !

That’s all ?

Not really, now that you follow some people, you can have a custom Discover feed based on who you’re following. Simply change the list on the right from Recent to Following.


We hope you like it, let us know if you have any suggestions or bug issue.

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Hypershoot v2 — two weeks report

It’s been 2 weeks since we launched the new version of Hypershoot. It’s really been two motivating weeks for us.
We had several articles on different websites, The next web, T3n, Playpcesor … And some encouraging feedbacks from you ?

Here are some representative figures of this launch :

  • more than 2300 users registered
  • more than 5000 pages saved
  • 2208 boards created
  • 4003 items tagged
  • 50go of bandwith

We’re focusing on new features, especially on premium features for freelancers & companies and really looking forward to ship it!

Many thanks to all of you who liked, shared, tweeted, retweeted … — we really appreciate it, it’s a great motivation for us.

For any suggestions/ideas/questions, you can get in touch with us by mail contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp

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Hypershoot browser button

Hypershoot browser button

Some of you asked us for an alternative to our chrome extension for other browsers… and good news is : it’s now ready.

There is now a bookmarklet you can use in all browsers. This works exactly as the chrome extension, all you need to do to install it is to drag the button below into your bookmarks bar.

✚ Save to Hypershoot


Note that you can also find it in the [+] section in the right corner of the application.


We tested it on Safari & Firefox so far, so let us know if you have any kind of trouble with it by mail contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp
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Launching Hypershoot v2

Launching Hypershoot v2

Long time no see. We’ve been busy working on the new version of Hypershoot. Since the launch of the first version in 2013, more than 10 000 pages have been saved and captured.

Here are some of the new features of this version : 

Chrome extension

Our brand new Chrome extension allows to capture and organize your favorite websites easier than ever. With one click in the browser button, the website is save into your Hypershoot library. You can then add it to a board and add tags directly from the extension.

You can download the Chrome extension here
If you don’t use Google Chrome, it’s fine. You can add websites from the web app with the button in the bottom-right corner.


New single pages


Single pages were totally redesigned. They now open above your navigation to let you alternate between browsing and viewing a single content without reloading.


Fullscreen view


There are now two types of thumbnails on Hypershoot. One cropped and one showing the full page. It allows viewing full pages when searching or browsing through your boards.


Board following


As soon as you make one of your board public (click on the « edit » button in one of your board), you get a sharable url. When viewing a public board, just click on the « Follow » button and it will appear in your sidebar under your own boards. For now, the only way to follow a board is by having someone sharing you a public Url.

Here’s a little bonus, follow your first board here.


For any suggestions/ideas/questions, you can get in touch with us by mail contact@hypershoot.com or on Twitter @hypershootapp
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